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(but ours comes with updates)

Joomla Web hosting. By gum - it's a right old minefield, that one. You know what they're like, those web hosters - they'll offer you this, that and the other and before you know it you've signed up for all kinds of shiny things. A few weeks later your website is up and running - but the domain name isn't the one you wanted. And the hosting is all shonky - one minute the site that's been lovingly constructed for you is there, the next minute it's gone. And when you call for hosting support, you get a nauseating answer phone message to tell you that your call is important, and that you're 94th in the queue... or you get those dreaded words - you havent kept your site up to date....well what does that even mean anyway!

Not so with Jigsaw. All you really want is to know that you can relax, that your Joomla site is taken care of - am I right?

Who needs the daily worry of being hacked - not us certainly, so we look after all our Joomla websites and jump onto the updating when its needed. And when you are ready to move up a Joomla version - say your site is on 2.5 and you want to migrate to 3.6 next Spring, we'll have a chat about that and get it done for you - Jigsaw typically charges £210 for a straightforward site so thats another worry taken care of. We also include approximately £230 worth of software to help your website fly - Akeeba, JCE, Yootheme template and Widgetkit plus breezing forms. I'm pretty sure there isn't another host out there that offers this kind of service for starting price of just £210 per year (and most of my hosting friends think I'm crazy - I call it super generous and I hope you'll stay with me for years and years as a result!).

Our hosting plan is a beauty, and comes with absolutely no funny business whatsoever. We do all the faffing around with updates for this and upgrades for that and its all included in your super super Jigsaw price.

We've made our reputation a strong one thanks to hard work, resourcefulness and complete transparency in everything we do. We have our own dedicated server too just for our lovely Joomla (and a few wordpress) websites, and your website can join in the party - you won't be crammed tightly in with thousands of other websites on a big commercial shared server fighting for attention.

Oh and attention is something we do well too - want a quick phone call to sort out your exchange emails with your IT guy, well we'll sort that all out for you - and you wont have to wait a week for us to get to it either! Got some queries about your website? Give us a shout or drop us an email and we'll get right on it.

That's why we're more than happy to tell you that our annual Joomla "web hosting with updates" packages start at just £210.00 for non ecommerce website. In return for your hard-earned money you can expect a great service, along with speedy and thorough support from our joomla web hosting experts in Birmingham UK - all at the usual high Jigsaw standard.

We have our own dedicated server too - meaning you won't be crammed tightly in with thousands of other websites and fighting for attention.

Here are our delicious joomla only web hosting packages in full:


Joomla Hosting Package incl updates
£210.00 per year (billed monthly)
10GB Disk Space
10GB User Traffic Bandwidth
Business eCommerce Package incl updates
£350 per year
50GB Disk Space
50GB User Traffic Bandwidth
Jigsaw Mega Package
£100 per month
75GB Disk Space
75GB User Traffic



So why not give us a ring and see what we can do for you? Pick up the blower and give us a tinkle on 01527 523115 and let's get hosting!

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